What are Dincel walls?

What are Dincel walls?

Lightweight polymer Dincel walling panels offer multiple benefits over conventional formwork for concrete construction work.

Installation of permanent Dincel walls requires minimal excavation, clearance and backfill, compared with the typical formwork process of creating temporary moulds for the pouring of concrete.

When filled with ready-mixed concrete, Dincel walls become an easy-maintenance, tough and durable structure.

Dincel walls are waterproof and non-combustible without the need for extra treatments, and they can easily be finished for a sleek appearance – simply by painting or adding cladding or an acrylic render to hide panel joints.

The ease of handling of Dincel interlocking panels means fast installation – with no scaffolding – which cuts labour costs and speeds up the entire construction development.



Dincel walls for homes, businesses and civil works

Dincel walls come in a range of profiles to suit a wide variety of residential, commercial and civil works projects, including:

  • Load-bearing walls.
  • Facades.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Columns
  • Stairwells.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Waterproof basements and water tanks.
  • Party walls.
  • Lift shafts.
  • Sea walls.
  • Service ducts.
  • Culverts.


Benefits of the Dincel walling system

The Dincel Structural Walling system was developed in Australia with the help of snap-lock technology. Dincel ensures its products meet or exceed building codes and safety standards by working closely with industry regulators and testing centres.

Dincel walls achieve greater concrete strength by minimising evaporation of moisture during the curing process. An impervious water barrier, along with built-in crack-control joints, avoids the need for steel reinforcement.

Dincel structural walling can be incorporated throughout a whole building design – from deep-excavation basements to lift shafts up to 60 floors high.

The Formwork Industry Association (FIA) endorses Dincel walling, and says it offers installers significant cost effectiveness. The FIA adds that the light weight of Dincel panels makes for safer handling than regular formwork options.

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