Steps in Installing Concrete Formwork

There’s nothing wrong with undertaking a DIY project for your home especially if it only consists of small repairs and renovations. However, there are certain aspects that one should always bear in mind. Safety and durability should still be at the top priority. Doing a construction-related project on your own isn’t something that you do for the sake of saving money. You do it by yourself because you are skilled and knowledgeable about the whole process.

Regarding construction topics that we’d like to introduce to youif you are going to make concrete formworks on your own, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow.

Preparing the site

Before jumping in, it is always good to remember that site preparation must be done first to avoid related issues later.

  1. With a measuring tape, strings, and spikes, first, measure and indicate the borders of the concrete slabs.
  2. Excavation is a process most people that install concrete formwork overlook. To remove debris and grass from the indicated area, excavate it first. Make sure that it results in an excavated area wherein the flow of water is not directed towards your home.
  3. Using 2x4’s-sized pieces of wood, frame the area utilizing the string as a guide. Nail the wooden forms together and gradually remove the lines.
  4. In this last step, you can now lay a gravel base in place.

Applying concrete

After effectively preparing the area, you can now start with the concrete application.

  1. Use safety clothing when you are working with hazardous materials. Wear gloves, goggles, and shoes before you start working. Your safety is a priority.
  2. Make sure to mix the correct ratio of concrete and water.
  3. Start pouring concrete from the farthest side of the formwork up to your position.
  4. Using a screen rod longer than the box of your concrete formwork, even out the mixture with working it at one end to another.
  5. The excess liquid concrete needs to be rodded at the end of the forms. Repeat the whole process until the entire mixture is free from holes and looks finished and smooth.


The steps listed above might not look complicated, however, if you are not skilled in handling all of it on your own, you can call for a service provider to take on the task for your construction needs. You can contact formwork contractors Melbourne if you need assistance or advice concerning infrastructures. Our customer service representatives will be more than happy to reach out with you.

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