Safe work procedures to prevent falls and other hazards when erecting formwork

Safe work procedures to prevent falls and other hazards when erecting formwork

Falls from height are a major danger when installing formwork for concrete construction. These accidents are the leading cause of death and one of the biggest causes of permanent disability in this type of work.

However, tragedies like these can be prevented by complying with safe work procedures when erecting formwork.

Installing temporary moulds for the pouring of concrete typically entails working at height, which is classed as a high-risk activity under Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations.  Safe Work Australia says a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) must be drawn up for formwork projects, in conjunction with workers and their representatives.

Youtube video from NSW ( Most of the same principles apply in Vic )


How formwork professionals reduce the risk of falls and other dangers

Careful planning – and working together as a team – is crucial to ensure safe procedures in formwork jobs, and formwork professionals liaise closely with other trades and the principal contractor to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

Safe work procedures to reduce the risk of falls when erecting formwork include:

  • Working from below, with props to support overhead panels.
  • Making sure penetrations are covered properly.
  • Installing adequate guard rails.
  • Designation of exclusion zones to keep other people out of harm’s way.

Falls aren’t the only hazard facing formwork technicians on a concrete construction site. Operating powered machinery like cranes is also a high-risk job, and so is digging out foundations.

Formwork professionals strive to reduce the risk of accidents in jobs like these by ensuring the use of the best equipment, manned by qualified, skilled operatives.

Safe work procedures when erecting formwork also include providing safe access and protection from falling objects.


Safe formwork procedures give the customer peace of mind

If you need residential, commercial, industrial or civil works formwork installed on your concrete construction site, hiring a professional formwork contractor who puts safety first will give you peace of mind that the project will run smoothly, with every precaution taken to prevent injury to workers and members of the public.

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