How to Remove Concrete Formwork

Most homeowners, contractors, and building owners are unaware of what concrete formworks' purpose is. In the world of construction, safety and quality are given priority. No one would want their home or commercial collapse in any given moment. What’s more is that a poorly-constructed infrastructure can potentially endanger people’s lives.

But, what are concrete formworks? A concrete formwork can either be a permanent or temporary molding wherein concrete is poured. At the same time, these formworks give shape and structure for the concrete. Fresh concrete (liquid in state) is poured into the formwork while it cures. Once the concrete is durable and robust enough to handle weight and pressure in its own, the formworks are removed. But, how can you remove it? Here are the step-by-step process of stripping concrete formworks.

  1. Concrete needs to dry to achieve optimal performance. Once you are sure that the curing process is done, you can now remove the formworks. Do not remove the mold when the concrete is still wet. It can result in a drooping surface.
  2. Start with the top of the slabs by removing the forms placed on it. With the help of a hammer, gradually remove the nails from the stakes that are holding the forms in position.
  3. From the ground, remove the stakes that serve as the supporting platform for the molds. You can do it with a stake puller. The use of it will minimize the damage to the stakes or the forms.
  4. After you have removed the forms which are placed on top and at the bottom side of the concrete, it is now time to detach the ones located at the side. Do so with only minimal force or use a pry bar ifnecessary. Be careful in utilizing a pry bar as it can gouge the concrete slab when you pull too hard.
  5. It is recommended that you detach the forms located on the side in an alternate manner. This process is done to maintain the structural balance of the slabs. If you are starting with a form placed on the right-upper corner, you can do the next one located in the left-lower area.


Removing concrete formworks are tedious. If you do not exercise caution, you can completely break it, and you'll have to make another one. The whole process is costly and labor-intensive. When you don’t want to risk wasting money and effort in this task, you might as well call in the experts for help.

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