AFS Wall Installers

AFS permanent formwork walling installations that cut your construction costs

Construction professionals are increasingly turning to AFS permanent formwork walling installations as a superior alternative to standard, temporary formwork solutions.

They’re favouring lightweight AFS systems because they significantly reduce costs to their clients without compromising the structural integrity of a building project.

Besides saving money, other benefits of hiring our AFS permanent formwork walling installers include:

  • Fast fitting of AFS permanent load-bearing walls.
  • Minimal crane requirements.
  • A finished solution that eliminates the frame-wall-render process.

These factors all help you to get your construction project completed within deadline and budget.


AFS Logicwall and Rediwall solutions tailored to your needs

Our AFS permanent formwork walling installers are highly experienced in both AFS Logicwall and Rediwall systems.

Logicwall fibre cement permanent formwork systems are suitable for both internal and external applications. The structural performance of our Logicwall installations once filled with concrete makes them a perfect solution in the construction of residential and commercial building, including:

  • Apartment blocks.
  • Student residences.
  • Hotels
  • Care homes.
  • Shopping centres.
  • Prisons.
  • Hospitals.

Our expert AFS Rediwall installers put this water-resistant PVC permanent formwork system to highly effective use for construction projects such as:

  • Basements.
  • Foundation walls.
  • Retaining walls.
  • Retention tanks.
  • Stormwater and service pits


Need to know more about our AFS permanent formwork walling installations?

Our AFS systems are installed by specialist, experienced contractors based in Melbourne, and meet Australian Building Codes and Standards. Our technicians are meticulous in attention to detail and quality control in our AFS permanent formwork walling installations – from start to finish.

Would you like to find out why more and more engineers, developers, architects and building contractors are choosing AFS permanent formwork walling installations?

Get in touch with us today to discover how we can help you to substantially reduce your costs while growing trust among your existing and potential clients by reducing the risk of overrunning deadlines or straying over budget.